1991 Conferences, Seminars and Public Talks


  • Workshop: "Security Studies and the Social Sciences," Center for International Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, May 1991.
    • Principal Organizer and Rapporteur: "Security Studies and the Social Sciences: An Agenda for the Future."

  • Talk: "The U.S. and the Gulf War: Conquest or Quagmire [or Stunning Victory]," Honors Program, School of Engineering, University of Southern California, Yosemite, CA, September 1991.

  • Conference: " Strategic Mobility, Forward Presence, and the Defense of American Interests," Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, September 1991.

  • Convention: International Studies Association - West, Los Angeles, CA, November 1991.
    • Commentator: "The New National Security Strategy."

  • Conference: "Political Culture and the Democratization Process," University of California - Irvine, Laguna Beach, CA, December 1991.