• Conference: "In Search of Consensus: Reconciling Russian and American Post-Cold War Visions," John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University and the Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Republic, Moscow, Russian Republic, January 1992.
    • Principal Organizer and Paper Presenter: "The Keys to the Future: U.S. Strategic Interests in the Post-Cold War Third World."

  • Workshop: "Game Theoretic Approaches to Global Conflict and Cooperation," Institute for Global Cooperation and Conflict, Berkeley, CA, March 1992.

  • Convention: International Studies Association, Atlanta GA, April 1992.
    • Panel Chair and Commentator: "Deconstructing and ¬Reconstructing Europe."

  • Seminar: "Teaching National and International Security," National Strategy Information Center, Bow¬doin College, ME, July 1992.

  • Conference: "Conventional Deterrence in the Post-Cold War World," Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, CA, August 1992.
    • Paper: "Conventional Deterrence and U.S. Post-Cold War Military Base Requirements in the Third World."

  • Convention: American Political Science Association, Chicago, September 1992.
    • Panel Member: "Domestic Agendas and the U.S. Security System."
    • Paper: "The Keys to the Future: U.S. Post-Cold War Military Base Requirements in the Third World."

  • Conference: "Managing Nuclear Weapons in a Changing World," Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, November 1992.

  • Workshop: "National Security and Conventional Arms Control Policies in the Post-Cold War Period," Oxford, UK, December 1992.
    • Co-organizer and Paper Presenter: "Great Power Interests in the Third World in Post-Cold War Era."


1992 Conferences, Seminars and Public Talks