• Talk: “What Does Last Tuesday Tell Us About Future World Politics?” University-wide Forum, University of Kentucky, September 2001.

  • Talk: “The Prospects for Counter-Terrorist Operations,” University of Kentucky Law School, September 2001.

  • Talk: “Do We Have Any Good Military Options in Afghanistan?” Lexington Medical Society, October 2001.

  • Talk: “Just War and Terrorism,” Newman Center, University of Kentucky, October 2001.

  • Talk: “What Are the Common Factors That Affect Civil-Military Relations? Which Can We Affect?” Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State, Rosslyn, VA, October 2001. 

  • Talk: “Civilian Control of the Military,” Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL, December 2001.

  • Radio Interview: “Civil-Military Relations,” Odyssey WBEZ, Chicago, IL, December 2001.


  • Paper: “The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention,” Conference on The Question of Humanitarian Intervention, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA, February 2001. 

  • Talk: “The Holocaust and International Politics,” Honors Program/Faculty Without Class, The University of Kentucky, March 2001.

  • Talk: “Culture Clash: Assessing the Role of Ideas in Security Studies,” Charles Phelps Taft Lecture, Department of Political Science, University of Cincinnati, May 2001.

  • Talk: “Democracy, Civilian Control and Military Reform” Black Sea Regional Security Forum, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, June 2001.

  • Commentator: “New Currents in Civil-Military Relations,” American Political Science Association, Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA September 2001.

  • Talk: “Ethics and Terrorism,” University of Kentucky Medical School and Department of Veterans Affairs, Medical Center Joint Seminar on Medical Ethics, Lexington, KY September 2001.

2001 Conferences, Seminars and Public Talks