2009 Conferences, Seminars
and Public Talks


  • Convention: American Political Science Association Annual Convention, Toronto, CA, September 2009.
    • Roundtable: “The World According to Samuel Huntington.”
    • Panel: “International conflict and the fate of Liberal Democracy.” Chair and Discussant.
    • Panel: “Nuclear Weapons and the Cold War.” Chair and Discussant.
    • Roundtable: “The Israel Lobby at Two.” Chair.

  • Radio Interview: “Scaling Back On Nuclear Weapons,” The World, Public Radio International/WGBH, Boston, MA, September 2009.

  • Talk: “What Eggheads Can Teach Generals,” Saturday Scholar Series, University of Notre Dame, September 2009.

  • Workshop: “Bridging the Gap,” New Era Foreign Policy Project, Duke University and the University of California at Berkeley, Washington, DC, October 2009.

  • Convention: Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society Biennial Conference, Chicago, IL, October 2009.
    • Chair and Presenter: “Civil-Military Relations and Controversy.”

  • Talk: “What Eggheads Can Teach Generals,” Executive Vice President Leadership Team, University of Notre Dame, November 2009.

  • Radio Interview: “Afghanistan Strategy Debate,” The World, Public Radio International/WGBH, Boston, MA, November 2009.

  • Talk: “If, When, and How Social Science Can Contribute to National Security Policy,” The Roberta Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, November 2009.
  • Convention: International Studies Association, New York, NY, February 2009.

  • Panel Discussion: “The Evolving Role of the Navy/Military As It Relates to Future Operations,” Naval Leadership Weekend, University of Notre Dame U.S. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, March 2009, Notre Dame, IN. Moderator.

  • Talk: “How Could It Get Any Worse? A Future Crisis in Civil-Military Relations,” U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS, March 2009.

  • Convention: Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 2009.
    • Roundtable: “Broken Civil-Military Relations and Strategic Blunders: The Case of Iraq.”

  • Conference: Fourth Annual Lone Star National Security Forum, George Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University; Lyndon Banes Johnson School of Public Affairs; and John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, Southern Methodist University, April 2009. 

  • Radio Interview: “Attacking Piracy,” The World, Public Radio International/WGBH, Boston, MA, April 2009.

  • Talk: “The Liberal Roots of the American Empire,” Seminar: “Liberal Theory and the Muslim Question: Examining Liberalism’s Claim to Universality,” Center for Government and International Studies, Harvard University, April 2009.

  • Seminar: “China and America,” Björklunden/Lawrence University, Bailey’s Harbor, WI, July 2009.
  • Instructor.

  • Radio Interview: “Obama Treks to Indiana to Talk Economy,” Marketplace, National Public Radio, August 2009.

  • Radio Interview: “Plans for a New Interrogation Team,” The World, Public Radio International/WGBH, Boston, MA, August 2009.

  • Radio Interview: “Learning to Love the Bomb,” Newsweek On Air/WNYC, New York, August 2009.