2011 Conferences, Seminars
and Public Talks


  • Talk: “Why America Can't Stand Not to Be #1: A New Grand Strategy for a New Century,” Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Chicago, IL January 2011.

  • Panel Discussion: “Women and War: In and Out of Uniform,” ROTC Women, University of Notre Dame, IN, January 2011.

  • Conference: “Strategy and Liberty in Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War,” The Liberty Fund, San Antonio, TX, February 2011.

  • Convention: International Studies Association Annual Convention, Montreal, Canada, March 2011.

  • Roundtable: Can We Reach An Understanding? Gender, Feminism, and Security Studies.

  • Convention: Mid-West Political Science Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, March 2011.

  • Roundtable: “Presidents and Military Command.”

  • Presentation:”Presidents and Supreme Command: Lessons From Iraq and the Global War on Terrorism.”

  • Seminar: “America and the World After 9/11,” Teachers As Scholars, University of Notre Dame, March/April 2011.

  • Talk: “If, When, and How Social Science Can Contribute to National Security Policymaking,” National Intelligence Council, Washington, DC, April 2011.

  • Talk: “American Grand Strategy After Iraq and Afghanistan: The Case for Off- Shore Balancing,” President’s Circle, University of Notre Dame, Washington DC, April, 2011.

  • Conference: “Liberty and Responsibility in the Major Works of Samuel P. Huntington” The Liberty Fund, Osterville, MA, May 2011. Conference Director.

  • Workshop: “The Cult of the Irrelevant in Academia: Causes and Consequences,” The Carnegie Corporation and the Elliott School, George Washington University, Washington, DC, June 2011. Co-Organizer.

  • Talk: “War and the Catholic Tradition,” Theology on Tap, Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, IN, August 2011.

  • Workshop: “Religion and International Relations (II),” Notre Dame/Mellon Initiative on Religion Across the Disciplines, South Bend, IN, August 2011. Co-convener.
  • Convention: American Political Science Association Annual Convention, Seattle, WA, September 2011.

  • Panel: “Author Meets Critics: Sebastian Rosato's Europe United” Chair.

  • Panel: “Exploring the Origins and Implications of the Military-Industrial Complex” Panelist

  • Panel: “Is There a Clash of Civilizations? Geopolitics and Globalization.” Panelist.

  • Radio Interview: “The Palestinian Request for UN Recognition,” The Beijing Hour, China Radio International, Beijing, PRC, September 2011 (three separate interviews).

  • Convention: Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society Biennial Conference, Chicago, IL, October 2011.

  • Commentator and Presenter: “Ten Years after September 11: Strategic Choices.”

  • Conference: The H.L. Mencken Club, Baltimore, MD, November 2011.

  • Talk: “Obama and America’s Liberal Empire.”

  • Talk: “‘Academic’ Security Studies: From the Wizards of Armageddon to the High Priests of the Cult of the Irrelevant,” International Security Colloquium, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, December 2011.