• Radio Interview: “CNN Radio News Day: September 27, 2012,” CNN Radio, September, 2012.

  • Radio Interview: “The Daily Wrap from The Wall Street Journal with Michael Castner, September 28, 2012,” The Wall Street Journal Radio, September, 2012.

  • Talk: “What Do Policymakers Want From Us? Preliminary Results From A Survey of Current and Former National Security Decision-Makers,” Seminar on International Relations Theory, Department of Political Science, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL, October 2012.

  • Research Presentation: “The Professionalization of Social Science and the Decline of Public Intellectualism: The Case of National Security Studies,” Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Notre Dame, October 2012.

  • Manuscript Review Seminar: “Henry R. Nau, Conservative Internationalism: Armed Diplomacy Under Jefferson, Polk, Truman, and Reagan,” Hoover Institution/Stanford University, Washington, DC, October 2012.

  • Socratic Seminar: “Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society,” The Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, IN, November 2012.

  • Radio Interview: “The Palestinian Request for UN Recognition, II,” The Beijing Hour, China Radio International, Beijing, PRC, November 2012 (two separate interviews).

  • Workshop: “U.S. Grand Strategy,” Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, November 2012.

  • Conference: “Sustainable National Security: Smarter Strategy for a Changing World,” The Tobin Project, Beverly, MA, December 2012.

  • Research Presentation: “Politics and Science as a Vocation: The Ethical Imperative for Some Scholars to Be Public Intellectuals (And for the Rest to Let Them Do So),” Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Notre Dame, October 2012.
  • Workshop: “Religion and International Relations (III),” Notre Dame/Mellon Initiative on Religion Across the Disciplines, Chicago, IL, March 2012. Co-convener.

  • Workshop: “Covering Globalization @ The Local Level: Beyond the G8/NATO Summits,” A McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute, Chicago, IL, March 2012.

  • Presenter: “NATO/Security.”

  • Workshop: The Lone Star National Security Forum, George Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University and Lyndon Banes Johnson School of Public Affairs, Westin Stonebriar, Frisco, TX, March 2012.

  • Paper: “‘Academic’ Security Studies: From the Wizards of Armageddon to the High Priests of the Cult of the Irrelevant.”

  • Workshop: “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds,” National Intelligence Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Notre Dame International Security Program; Program on International Security Policy,University of Chicago; Buffet Center for International Studies, Northwestern University; Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Notre Dame, IN, April 2012. Co-organizer and Commentator.

  • Television Interview: “The NATO Summit,” CTV, Ontario, CA, May 2012.

  • Television Interview: “Syria,” CTV, Ontario, CA, July 2012.

  • Talk: “Obama and America’s Liberal Empire,” The Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, IN, July 2012.

  • Radio Interview: “Israel’s Prime Minister and the U.S. Election,” The World,Public Radio International/WGBH, Boston, MA, September 2012.

  • Radio Interview: “Cranks and Crazies Have Taken Over the Republican Party; with the MEK Now Off the Terror List Will Congress Fund Them to AttackIran?; "Bibi's Chutzpah: the Prime Minister Crosses a Red Line,” Background Briefing With Ian Masters, Pacifica Radio, September 2012.


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