2014 Conferences, Seminars and Public Talks


  • Roundtable: “The Theory and Practice of Grand Strategy.” Conference: “Liberty and Responsibility in the Nuclear Age,” The Liberty Fund, White Sulphur Springs, WVA, October 2014. Conference Director.

  • Convention: American Political Science Association Annual Convention, Washington, DC, 2014.

  • Workshop: "Strengthening the Links," Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the College of William & Mary, Washington, DC, August 2014. Paper: “Why the Wizards of Armageddon Ran Into An Intellectual Dead-end: And What That Tells Us About the Relevance of Academic Nuclear Strategy Today” [with Paul C. Avey].

  • Television Interview: “Israel-Palestine Negotiations After the Kidnappings,” al-Jazeera/America, New York, NY, July 2014.

  • Keynote: “Politics And Science As A Vocation,” International Policy Summer Institute, School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC, June 2014.

  • Briefing: “The Cult of the Irrelevant Project,” Annual Board Meeting, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, New York, NY, June 2014.

  • Conference: “The Ideas Industry: Is the Academy Needed or Wanted,” The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, MA April 2014. Talk: “Technique Trumps Relevance: Why Senior National Security Policymakers Find Academic Social Science Less Than Helpful.” 
  • Conference: International Studies Association Annual Convention, Toronto, CA, March 2014. Presidential Roundtable: “Bridging the Academic-Policy Gap.” Panel: “Time, Place, and Battlespace in an Era of Counterinsurgency.” Discussant. Co-organizer. 

  • Talk: "Politics and Science as a Vocation: The Ethical Imperative for Some Scholars to Be Public Intellectuals (and For the Rest to Let Them Do So)," Political Theory Workshop, University of Notre Dame, March 2014. 

  • Keynote and Panel Discussions: “Security and Privacy in a World of Changed Threats and New Technologies: How Can We Enhance Both?” Chicago, IL, February 2014 [Keynote address by NSA Director GEN Keith Alexander co- sponsored with Chicago Council on Global Affairs]. 

  • Workshop: “The Carnegie Cult of the Irrelevant Project,” Notre Dame International Security Program and the Henry Stimson Center; Washington, DC, January 2014. Co-Organizer. Paper: “What Do Policymakers Want From Us?” (With Paul C. Avey). 

  • Workshop: Questionaire Framing Meeting for 2014 Foreign Policy Survey,” Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Chicago, IL, January 2014. 

  • Conference: “James Madison and Liberty,” The Liberty Fund, La Jolla, CA, January 2014.